Multi-Dwelling Units

DIRECTV for Business

DIRECTV for Building Owners

Renters are no longer just looking for a simple place to sleep and hang their clothes. To attract reliable tenants, you need to offer top-notch amenities such as a DIRECTV package that includes exclusive sports, HD and a low, locked-in rate. At New Age Home Theater, our One-Dish solution for building owners and property managers will help give your property the wow-factor it needs to turn apartment hunters into permanent residents.

For Small Buildings

20 Units or Less

A simple way to upgrade your building with 20 units or less. The DIRECTV D2 Advantage Lite offers state-of-the-art simplicity and exclusive technology though a centralized distribution system.

  • Properties with 4-20 units per building
  • Only one DIRECTV dish required per building
  • Hassle-free installation
  • In-unit setup is fast and hassle-free after the initial install of the DIRECTV D2 Advantage Lite system
  • Residents are eligible for nationally offered programing rates
  • Ask about our FREE INSTALLATION for buildings with 20 units or less!
  • Talk to a DIRECTV D2 Lite Specialist Today!

For Large Buildings

21 + Units

A perfect solution for MDU buildings with more than 20 units, the DIRECTV D2 Advantage uses existing wiring and centralized distribution system for easier access and activation.

  • Properties with 20 or more units
  • Only one DIRECTV dish required per building
  • Hassle-Free installation
  • No need to access individual units
  • Residents are eligible for nationally offered programing rates
  • Talk to a DIRECTV D2 Advantage Specialist Today!

Programming & Billing Options

  • Bulk Service Option Allows the property owner to choose and pay for a base programming option at a lower cost. Residents may upgrade from that programming package or purchase additional services and equipment and billed separately for those costs.
  • Direct-To-Home Service Option Residents are billed separately for their individual programming package, equipment, and service upgrades. Residents will be responsible for all contracts (24-month and 12-month options available). Qualifying 24-month customers may be eligible for national promotional offers and FREE equipment.

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Commonly asked questions about DIRECTV for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU)

How do I get my MDU set up for DIRECTV?
Simply contact New Age Home Theater to set up an appointment.

Who do I contact if one of my tenants needs technical support?
You or your tenants can contact New Age Technology. We will have a dedicated Account Manager assigned to your specific property.

How do I get DIRECTV or Internet for my business?
New Age Home Theater specializes in custom technology solutions that will amplify the customer experience for your place of business. Let us help bring the best in technology to your conference room, restaurant, bar or other commercial establishment. Contact one of our commercial specialists today to learn how!

Do I need a dish installed for every unit in my rental property?
No. You will only need one to two dishes for the entire property.

Will I have wires all over my property?
No. New Age Technology’s experienced installers use your building’s pre-existing wires. We can even clean up all the messy wires you may currently have.

Will my residents receive the full DIRECTV experience?
Yes! Residents will have access to everything DIRECTV has to offer.

Can I get DIRECTV if I already live in (or about to move into) an apartment, condo, or rented house?
In most cases, yes. The dish installation may require structural modifications that may require permission from the landlord, property manager or homeowners’ association. To help you in your request, please use the DIRECTV Installation Permission Form.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) generally forbids local governments and home associations from enforcing unreasonable restrictions regarding the installation of satellite dishes. For more information on the ‘Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule’, visit the FCC website.


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